“I am thoroughly enjoying this user-friendly software. Salonezy is very versatile in its functionality. I can safely say the product is great and the people are awesome, delivering very prompt support if needed.

Salonezy is completely approachable and open to growing your business in new ways.”

Angela King

Salon One, The Cove, Tauranga

“I have used SalonEzy software for around 15 years in several salons, including my own for the last 5 years. Having used many salon software packages, I would not hesitate to recommend SalonEzy to any salon owner. It is simple to use for staff of all levels, provides excellent reporting, a wage package tailored to our needs and comprehensive stock management.

But the real selling point is the remote back up service from the SalonEzy team. Nothing is too much trouble; they provide quick efficient support that enables us to do what we do best. From adding new staff members to managing our entire product database, they really feel like part of our salon team. SalonEzy is worth every cent! ”

Aaron Karam-Whalley

Team Seven Hairdressing

“It is my belief that SalonEzy is by far the best software available for our industry.”

David Sheary, Rodney Wayne

Eastridge & Mission Bay

With the Salonezy system I not only have their technology at my fingertips no matter where in the world I am, I also have a backup support team that has had the experience and knowledge within the industry. Understanding the REAL day to day issues that affect us on a day to day basis can only come from them having managed a very busy salon/ clinic. They know what works and what doesn’t!!!!! Thank you Wedaad and Team! ”

Louise Gray

Mission Bay

“Salonezy is an interregional part of the day to day function and is essential for the future growth of PURE SKIN THERAPY.”

Gay Kennedy, Pure Skin Therapy, , Wanaka

“Happiness is a simple Choice – I choose to be Happy.”


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About Us

SalonEzy is a well established company providing software solutions to hair salons, beauty salons and day spas for over 19 years. SalonEzy software was first developed by Aadil Waja in response to the needs of two hair salons owned by his family


SALONEZY has a collaborative resource of over 19 years of software development experience coupled with a passion and drive to develop products that are simple, enjoyable and sustainable for daily use.


We ensure that our customers buy what is best for them. We want them to feel confident, to be able to feel improved for choosing and using our products. Above all we want customers to use our products and have trust in its benefits confidently.