SalonSafe Support

 System Setup. Normally we will set up your system in our workshop so we can thoroughly test that everything is working properly before shipping to your salon. Initial data entry of your salon details, employees, services, and configuration of any other features such as vouchers or loyalty programs takes place here.

When your system has arrived at your salon one of our computer support technicians will arrive to set it up in your salon and to test it. Any other special requirements like networks or broadband internet get done at the same time.

On-site training. When your system is up and running we run on-site training for you and your team. We normally allow around 2 hours for this. Once completed your staff will be fully able to operate your SalonEzy system

Hardware purchase. You don’t have to buy your computer hardware from us – but it helps if you do. Here’s why:

  • It’s much faster to set up
  • We can provide a replacement unit
  • We can figure out what’s wrong much quicker
  • It’s covered by warranty

In the event of a major hardware failure, if the computer hardware was supplied by us we will either replace the faulty component free of charge, or ship a spare unit to you whilst the faulty one is being repaired

SalonSafe Support Includes:

  • Phone the help desk as often as you need
  • Remote dial in (during business hours)
  • Temporary PC replacement (conditions apply)
  • Help with new features

SalonSafe Hours – Contract Options:

  • Standard 9am – 5pm, 5 days
  • Extended 9am – 9pm, 5 days
  • Full 9am – 9pm, 7 days
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About Us

SalonEzy is a well established company providing software solutions to hair salons, beauty salons and day spas for over 19 years. SalonEzy software was first developed by Aadil Waja in response to the needs of two hair salons owned by his family


SALONEZY has a collaborative resource of over 19 years of software development experience coupled with a passion and drive to develop products that are simple, enjoyable and sustainable for daily use.


We ensure that our customers buy what is best for them. We want them to feel confident, to be able to feel improved for choosing and using our products. Above all we want customers to use our products and have trust in its benefits confidently.