SalonEzy is a POS system that’s made up of a series of modules, which means that you’re able to select the salon functions that are most important to you. It’s also the reason why SalonEzy is cost effective for small salons, through to enterprises with multiple salons who need centralized management and reporting. Each salon system can be tailored to meet individual requirements. You can also choose from several support packages.

    pricePoint of Sale

One scan + one touch completes the sale. Could it get any simpler than that? In a busy salon, speed at the front desk is vital. Simply scan an item, click on the amount, and it’s done! Or to process an appointment simply scan a barcode, check the details, and accept the payment. Automatically updates client records.

clientClients – keep them coming back

Gone are the days when it was good enough to keep client details in a box under the counter. Your regular clients are life blood of your business…and they need to feel special. How can you show them you care if you’ve misplaced their details? SalonEzy keeps track of their contact details, preferences, and even photos of recent hair styles. You can also create & track vouchers, loyalty points, referral rewards, club discounts, or pre-purchased concessions.

appointmentsAppointments – keeping it simple

No more messy scribbles in a dog-eared book. Create appointments with the wizard, then click & drag to change. Colour coded so you can see at a glance what’s on for the day. Quickly find an available future slot, or find an existing appointment. Also manages staff rosters & client bookings and reports on cancellations, rebookings, & staff productivity.

remindersSMS Automatic Reminders

Clients really appreciate being reminded before their appointment. Making those phone calls used to be very time consuming – but now there’s a better way. Set up your schedule of reminders at the start of the day and send them out by txt or email – automatically. Confirmations can be automatically updated as well, which means no-shows are reduced.

stockStock Management

Always know how much stock you have. Re-order stock before the shelves are empty. Reduce stock shrinkage. Do stock takes quickly and efficiently. Track product sales and profitability. Print barcode labels if you need to.

staffYour Staff

Create rosters and track hours worked. Find out who your top performers are. Track incentives & calculate weekly wages at the click of a button.


Marketing – growing your business

Track promotions to find out how effective your advertising is. Reward current customers for referring new ones. Capture each new clients details so you can mail them an offer. Send out promotions based on specific client details such as birthdays or anniversaries. Set up and track customer loyalty programs.

securitySystem Security

Your salon system keeps very important and valuable information. You can protect it by personalizing access settings to control what your employees have access to. Minimize cash drawer dishonesty, stock shrinkage, and customer under or overcharging. Make sure you own your customers, not your staff.

reportsReports – keeping your finger on the pulse

Some people make it happen, others notice something’s happening, the rest wonder what happened. Which one are you? First find out how your business doing, and then decide what to do. There are over 100 reports available. SalonEzy provides you with the tools to know what’s really going on.

wagesWages/Payroll – integrates seamlessly with MYOB

Preparing weekly wages can be hugely time consuming. Now you can produce a payroll report for each employee with one click. Hours worked are automatically calculated from the appointment book or the roster, taking into account tax codes, commissions and any personal purchases.

Services Management

Create service pricing, discounts and set times. This makes it easy when creating appointments. You can also group services and set colour codes so you can see the day’s appointments at a glance.

Other features

Remote access – Access and use any computer in your salon from anywhere in the world. This means you can get reports, check your inbox and even watch what your staff are doing live without being in the salon.

Integrated EFTPOS – SalonEzy can communicate directly with your EFTPOS terminal to automatically input the payment type (EFTPOS, credit card, etc.) and amount. This eliminates the possibility of human error and is much faster than doing it manually.

Online Bookings – With Online Bookings, your reception is now open 24/7. Regular clients can go to your website anytime and book themselves in.

mission SalonEzy Features
awardsHardware Requirment

About Us

Tecnodata is a well established company providing software solutions to hair salons, beauty salons and day spas for over 22 years. SalonEzy software was first developed by Aadil Waja in response to the needs of two hair salons owned by his family


Tecnodata has a collaborative resource of over 22 years of software development experience coupled with a passion and drive to develop products that are simple, enjoyable and sustainable for daily use.


We ensure that our customers buy what is best for them. We want them to feel confident, to be able to feel improved for choosing and using our products. Above all we want customers to use our products and have trust in its benefits confidently.