Our Epical Logo is the symbol of HAPPINESS. Remember Happiness is a simple choice.

A fully functional Online Cloud based system that includes all the necessary functions you need to run your business effectively and efficiently. It is EPIC! All you need is an inteernet connection and a web browser and you ready to go after signing up. Use your PC, Mac or any mobile divice from anywhere in the world. Live data at you fingertips as it is being captured.

We used our 20+ years of experience in the industry to develop an Epic system from the ground up using the latest tools and technology, focussing on simplicity, easy of use and off course Happiness.

Appointment Book

Make appointments easily by selecting onne or more services and just dropping them into available slots. Day / Week / Month or Year views. Multiple Staff accross the day page. Move appointments easily from column to column. Cut / Copy and drop appointments easily from one date to the next. Appointments are easily available in POS or just check them out directly from the Appointment Book.

Hours and Rosters

Create rosters easily – graphical and visual. Have upto to 4 different weekly cycles per staff member. Temporary alter a day without effecting the main roster.

Staff Columns

Easily enter new staff members and assign columns in the appointment book in your own preferred order.

Online Bookings

Enable online bookings and give your clients access to make their own bookings. All online bookings will be available in a special list on your appointment book for approval.


Staff; Suppliers and Clients all fall under the same Contacts function. Histories; service notes; appointments and imaging are all visible through Contacts.

Client History and Notes

All sales history including notes are saved against each client visit.


Save images against each client visit so you can capture Before and after shots. To enable this function you will have to create an account with flickr.com and connect this account into Epical. Simple to do, just follow the steps in Local Settings. Upload the images into Epical and Epical will save and organize them into flickr for you.


Enter a full range of services with their own prices and duration of time. Each service can have 5 levels of pricing and each level can be assigned to specific staff members.


Enter your range of products and group them to your suppliers. Each Supplier has category groupings as well. Various multiple pricing structure for single store to multiple store options. Not just limited to one selling price. Both PLU and factory barcodes are possible.

Point Of Sale

A fully featured point of sale page. Load clients from the appointment book, add products and even add multiple clients to one sale for those families. Scan you products using a barcode sacnner attached to bring them up on the POS page. Single payment or multiple payment options are available. Quick searching and loading of services and product add ons.

Stock Control

All product stock levels are updated automatically with sales providing accurate stock holding.


On line reporting makes business easy… With over 100 different reports available, the real power of Salonezy becomes apparent when you decide which of them you need as the Key Performance Indicators for your salon.

Daily reports will help you balance the takings with the receipts, plus provide a detailed summary of the services, clients, products, employee performance and so on. online reporting gives you daily reports for every salon, so you can compare total turnover, voucher sold and redeemed, new clients, and a host of other stuff. online reporting also helps your buying power too by providing summaries of total volumes of products sold.

Today, with the dramatic expansion of information technology, and the desire for increased competitiveness in the market place, there has been an increase in the use of computing power to produce unified reports which join different aspects and factual views of the business in one single place.

Online reporting involves querying data sources with different figures, performance and sometimes logic models to produce a human readable report for key decision making.

Leading Edge Technologies… Online reporting as a crucial business component today, is a fundamental part of the larger movement towards improved Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management.

Epical remains at the leading edge of Salon software by constantly evaluating and enhancing their BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools). Epical addresses a wide range of reporting needs within the application, ranging from operational or online reporting to a multi-dimensional On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP). online reporting offers visual reports and run time accuracy.

Whatever your reporting needs, Epical has it covered.

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About Us

Tecnodata is a well established company providing software solutions to hair salons, beauty salons and day spas for over 22 years. SalonEzy software was first developed by Aadil Waja in response to the needs of two hair salons owned by his family


Tecnodata has a collaborative resource of over 22 years of software development experience coupled with a passion and drive to develop products that are simple, enjoyable and sustainable for daily use.


We ensure that our customers buy what is best for them. We want them to feel confident, to be able to feel improved for choosing and using our products. Above all we want customers to use our products and have trust in its benefits confidently.